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Kado’s 99 yen “Taro Friends” snack bag

Taro Friends is a group of snack products made by Kado. They are all super cheap snacks, and have interesting flavors, that tend to be very Japanese specific. This bag is “M” sized. So we don’t get to meet all the friends, but still, it’s an interesting package. These snacks are what would be considered […]

Lotte’s original パイの実(Pie no Mi)

Today we are reviewing Lotte’s パイの実(Pie no Mi) Let’s get the etymology out of the way first, and than dive in shall we!! パイ directly translates to pie. In this case though it is more of a pastry, or maybe a pie crust. And 実(mi) meaning fruit. So we have basically Fruit of Pie! Lets […]