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Kracie’s パーティぬるぬる(Party Nuru Nuru) DIY kit

Today we have a lot of fun in store! It’s rainy, and going to the park is not an option. BUT, we have a party pack of Nuru Nuru. Nuru Nuru meaning swirling swirling (sort of.) Now maybe you have seen these before in a smalle pack, but with 3 kids, on a rainy day, […]

Lotte’s ベイクドチーズタルト CRUNKY

Today we will be reviewing Lotte’s Baked Cheese Tart flavor CRUNKY bar. As with all CRUNKY bars, there is a crunch added. A simple, crunchy, chocolate bar. The flavor of baked cheese tart changes this bar completely . It’s actually impressive. You really taste the baked cheese. Not normal cheese, but cheese that has experienced […]

Lotte’s Apple Pie パイの実(Pie no Mi)

The fall version of パイの実(Pie no Mi) is Apple Pie. And I favor myself as somewhat of a connoisseur of apples being from Washington state, the apple capital of the world! Well at least the apple capital of the USA. Apple pies are an American tradition. It is even often rumored that Americans have apple […]

Yamazaki Pan’s Sakura, And Matcha sandwiches

Yamazaki Pan has a large selection of delicious, crust free sandwiches. They range in many different flavors. Hopefully someday we can cover them all, but for today, we will be reviewing a seasonal one that I doubt many of you have seen. さくら(Sakura) and 抹茶(Matcha). This is a typical spring flavor, and we see this […]

Kado’s 99 yen “Taro Friends” snack bag

Taro Friends is a group of snack products made by Kado. They are all super cheap snacks, and have interesting flavors, that tend to be very Japanese specific. This bag is “M” sized. So we don’t get to meet all the friends, but still, it’s an interesting package. These snacks are what would be considered […]

Lotte’s Strawberry パイの実(Pie no Mi)

In spring, Lotte releases their Strawberry version of Pie no Mi! We touched on the etymology of Pie no Mi in the original post. But let’s briefly touch on the etymology of this flavor. “甘熟いちご” (Kanjyuku Ichigo) As we know, ichigo is strawberry. But this Kanjyuku is interesting. 完熟(Kanjyuku) translates to “ripe” or better yet, […]

Lotte’s original パイの実(Pie no Mi)

Today we are reviewing Lotte’s パイの実(Pie no Mi) Let’s get the etymology out of the way first, and than dive in shall we!! パイ directly translates to pie. In this case though it is more of a pastry, or maybe a pie crust. And 実(mi) meaning fruit. So we have basically Fruit of Pie! Lets […]

Glico’s さくら抹茶(Sakura Matcha) Pocky

Ahh.. Spring is now upon us, and the Japanese snack marketing gurus have unleashed their spring collection upon us. Spring in Japan is dominated by Strawberries, and Sakura. And today we are going to try Glico’s Spring Limited Edition さくら抹茶 Pocky! And what a beautiful packaging job they did! It really brings together modern structures, […]

Nestle’s Ontona No Amasa Strawberry KitKat

What a great day, when you get the oppertunity to enjoy a Japanese Kit-Kat! Today we are going to be trying out the こだわりのストロベリー(kodawari no strawberry) flavor from the オトナの甘さ(Otona no amasa) series. Let’s get the translation out of the way first, so you get a better idea of what this Kit-Kat is all about! […]