Kracie’s パーティぬるぬる(Party Nuru Nuru) DIY kit

Today we have a lot of fun in store! It’s rainy, and going to the park is not an option. BUT, we have a party pack of Nuru Nuru. Nuru Nuru meaning swirling swirling (sort of.) Now maybe you have seen these before in a smalle pack, but with 3 kids, on a rainy day, you need to go with the party pack! This pack is grape flavored, but it comes with a second pack that changes it to apple soda flavor! Let’s explain a little about what these are, than we will show you how to make one!

So Kracie’s Nuru Nuru is a very sweet, and frothy candy. It has a texture of something like a heavy whipped cream, but the flavor of sugar! Not for the faint of tounge! These will give you a sugar rush like no other, kids love them, parents hate them! Just kidding, parents don’t hate them, but just make sure you do this somewhere that is easy to clean up afterwards, or you’ll be beating yourself up over the decision to do so in a place you didn’t want to get messy.

So let’s take a look at what we got in the box!

A plastic tray to do our experiment in, and several packets of magic! Also, a few “spoons” to eat with.

You will want to start by filling the tray with water to the line in the cup, and grab your purple packet with the “1” on it, like so:

Now stir the mix up very well until it is nice and purple. The powder does not have to be completely dissolved in the water, a little chunky is fine, it should look something like this!

Next, we will add in our magic frothing powder! (The bag with a “2” on it.)The kids will have a great time if you let them examine the purple liquid, and see how it magically transforms!

Once you add this bag, stir it up until nice, and frothy. It will be white, not purple. And the consistency will be like if fresh home made whipped cream got in a wrestling match with a bag of sugar! You know what I mean. But if you don’t, here are some more pictures.

Now we get to add our toppings! This pack has 4 types of toppings. Party time! These toppings are for dipping into. The mix was purple, now it’s white. Can you guess what the flavor is? That’s right, it’s grape!

In a perfect world, your final product will look something like this!

But if you have kids around, and want to take pics, you better take them quick! In less time than you can say “bamboozled” this party scene went from that to this!

Hahaha. So much fun! But wait! There’s one more pack! This party is not finished quite yet. That grape flavor was great and all, but if we mix in pack 2, we get a totally new flavor! Apple soda! Stir it in, and enjoy the rest of your party!


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