Lotte’s ベイクドチーズタルト CRUNKY

Today we will be reviewing Lotte’s Baked Cheese Tart flavor CRUNKY bar.

As with all CRUNKY bars, there is a crunch added. A simple, crunchy, chocolate bar. The flavor of baked cheese tart changes this bar completely . It’s actually impressive. You really taste the baked cheese. Not normal cheese, but cheese that has experienced life in an oven before. The kind of cheese your father doesn’t want you dating. But deep down, beneath the surface, is tender, loving, and caring. A really pleasant experience.

This bar almost doesn’t taste like a chocolate bar. Well it does, but almost doesn’t. That baked cheese tart flavor really over powers the chocolate flavor.

On the cover of the box, it say 焼きでもあいしい, which means it also tastes great baked. And on the back it recommends putting it in a toaster oven for 2-3 min, and trying it that way. So we will have to do that as well. After 2, and a half min. I pulled it out, and here is what it looked like!

Wow, yummy! But when I tried to dig into it, the thing just crumbled apart on me! How sad. The flavor was enjoyable, and I guess you could say it tasted like a freshly baked Cheese Tart, but it was just too messy. I would recommend just eating it normally. Do you like cheese tarts? Do you like CRUNKYs? Do you want to give these a try!?

Pics of sad crumbly CRUNKY.


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