Yamazaki Pan’s Sakura, And Matcha sandwiches

Yamazaki Pan has a large selection of delicious, crust free sandwiches. They range in many different flavors. Hopefully someday we can cover them all, but for today, we will be reviewing a seasonal one that I doubt many of you have seen. さくら(Sakura) and 抹茶(Matcha). This is a typical spring flavor, and we see this in many snacks this time of year. But a sandwich! Good gracious, I have got to try this!

Cutting them open, it’s clear that both have a cream, and a flavored anko. Anko is a sweet bean based paste. They can come in literally any flavor imaginable! Since Sakura is listed first, than let’s review it first!

Sakura means “cherry blossom” and most “Sakura” flavors are just cherry flavored. But since this is a anko, I don’t expect that to be the case. Anko Sakura is most likely a real deal, lightly salted flower taste. Let’s give it a try, shall we?!

Ahh, yes. That hits the spot. Like I predicted, it is a lightly salted flower taste. Anko, has a texture of mashed beans, but don’t let that turn you off. It is very sweet. And healthier than many other substitutes. This Sakura flavor is really great! The cream makes it even better. Sakuma’s flavor is so hard to describe, hopefully the Matcha will be easier.

Again, with this one being anko based, I expect a strong Matcha flavor, with creme. Like a Matcha ole. Let’s try it out!

Mmm. Yeah, this is slightly more bitter than the Sakura, but it works! Like a sweetened green tea bean paste. Well that is exactly what it is! The cream adds a little more substance. Which really brings out the sweetness.

Final take? The flavors are even better with the sweet white bread. This is a desert sandwich for sure. The anko is great in a sandwich, and while somewhat popular in Japan, is mostly unheard of elsewhere. I really wish you could all try these, they are fantastic!

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