Lotte’s Strawberry パイの実(Pie no Mi)

In spring, Lotte releases their Strawberry version of Pie no Mi! We touched on the etymology of Pie no Mi in the original post. But let’s briefly touch on the etymology of this flavor. “甘熟いちご” (Kanjyuku Ichigo) As we know, ichigo is strawberry. But this Kanjyuku is interesting. 完熟(Kanjyuku) translates to “ripe” or better yet, “completely ripe/mature”

But Lotte replaced the Kan kanji with 甘, meaning sweet. So a sort of word play of Sweet, and Ripe.

Also, if you noticed the blue ribbon on the right side of that package, it says that this pie is cocoa flavored! So the filling is strawberry, and the pie crust is cocoa!!

After opening the package, the strawberry smell really takes over your senses! A sweet strawberry scent. These look like the original, but brown. And pink filling.

The flavor is better though. Sorry to all the original fans out there, but I really like these ones better! Chocolate, and Strawberries go together like any of the top pairing trios the world has to offer. The pie crust is a little less flakey, but more chocolate!! The filling is a sweet strawberry. No sourness at all.

This is a great gift for the kids, like the original. But I think it would do much better with adults, than the original. Thus adding more value in my opinion. If I had the choice of this, or the original, this would win hands down. If you asked my kids, either one would be great!!

Have you tried this?! Do you want a box?! Let us know in the comments!

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