Lotte’s original パイの実(Pie no Mi)

Today we are reviewing Lotte’s パイの実(Pie no Mi) Let’s get the etymology out of the way first, and than dive in shall we!!

パイ directly translates to pie. In this case though it is more of a pastry, or maybe a pie crust.

And 実(mi) meaning fruit.

So we have basically Fruit of Pie!

Lets open it up!

The cover of the box says that this is a 64 layer pie! Do you believe it?! The pie is very “crunchy” although I don’t believe that is the right word. Maybe “flakey” is a better choice. Crunchy flakey pie. It is topped with a shiny spread, like a nappage. The inside seems to be filled with a chocolate filling. Check it out!

The choco filling does leave a little more to be desired, but overall it is nice. A really flaky, and light crust, with a chocolate filling. It is almost more of a cracker pie. Instead of “Fruit of Pie”, they should be called “Cracker Pies”.

I think these are a great gift for all people. But kids in particular. While I liked them, the kids seemed to love them! And the packaging is great. I would be happy to receive a box of these.

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