Sakuma’s DROPS candy

A nice, albeit cold Sunday morning here in Japan. The kids ate a good breakfast, so why not bring out a little candy as a treat right?!

Today we will review a classic Japanese candy. Sakuma’s DROPS. Since 1908 this company has been making these candies, and still today, they come in this nice little tin can. Why fix something that’s not broken right?

These candies are very nice. A soft taste like powdered sugar, in a hard candy. The powdered sugar taste lasts all the way through, and the fruit flavor is minuscule at best. It just tastes like powdered sugar honestly.

I think these make great gifts for kids, or those who really love Japan. But not so much for people wanting a bold flavor, or some new candy that no one has ever seen before. They are just too light for that. So let me know in the comments. Is this something you would like to try? Is it something you would be happy to receive as a gift?

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