Nestle’s Ontona No Amasa Strawberry KitKat

What a great day, when you get the oppertunity to enjoy a Japanese Kit-Kat! Today we are going to be trying out the こだわりのストロベリー(kodawari no strawberry) flavor from the オトナの甘さ(Otona no amasa) series. Let’s get the translation out of the way first, so you get a better idea of what this Kit-Kat is all about!

First off, let’s talk about the series オトナの甘さ(Otona no Amasa.) This is a popular series of Japanese Kit-Kats that are made with adults in mind. Otona, meaning “Adult”. And Amasa meaning “sweetness”. A good translation of this would be Sweetness for Adults. And that usually translates to a less sugary sweetness, and more bitters, savory elements, and sometimes (as in today’s flavor) sour elements as well.

The best way I can describe こだわりのストロベリー(kodawari no strawberry) would be “Commitment to the Strawberry.” Lol. But yeah, it kind of translates that way. Basically Nestle is committed to the strawberry flavor here, and they have done their best, to make the best Strawberry Kit-Kat possible. Will it live up to that, let’s find out!!

So this bag comes with 9 “mini” Kit-Kats. Each individually wrapped. 2 bars in each pack. Opening the pack, you smell the sweet-sour strawberry smell. It’s lovely. The bars are a delightful pink color, with little red specks. And when you bite into them, is when the magic happens!

A sweet white chocolate taste with overtones of strawberry. But there is something going on here. There are these little flavorful bits that seem to “pop” in your mouth. They are slightly sour, making your mouth water with sweet, and sour wonder! It’s like kissing your first love, for the first time. The nostalgia, that one remembers at 64 while rocking in a rocking chair with a warm spring breeze, watching fluffy white clouds drift by. Eating this lifts you from the grind of daily life. Your problems drift away momentarily while you float in a sweet, and sour strawberry dream land.

Oh, I almost forgot! While lounging in the glorious aftertaste of the strawberry Kit-Kats I remembered that I need to show you what they look like out of there wrapper! So here you go!!

As I mentioned earlier, these are geared towards adults. And while I really love them, my youngest 2 year old did not. She spit it out, and said they were too sour for her. So keep that in mind. An absolutely fantastic gift for an older friend, or family member. But not something for a 2 year old.

And lastly, I want to share a little Kit-Kat secret with you all! These chocolates are wonderful, but you get a completely different experience if you put them into the freezer first!! Take out half, and throw them in the freezer overnight. Than when you grab them, they are much more crunchy, and the flavors are much more distinct. A really fun way to enjoy a snack in two different ways.


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