Day: February 16, 2019

Glico’s さくら抹茶(Sakura Matcha) Pocky

Ahh.. Spring is now upon us, and the Japanese snack marketing gurus have unleashed their spring collection upon us. Spring in Japan is dominated by Strawberries, and Sakura. And today we are going to try Glico’s Spring Limited Edition さくら抹茶 Pocky! And what a beautiful packaging job they did! It really brings together modern structures, […]

Nestle’s Ontona No Amasa Strawberry KitKat

What a great day, when you get the oppertunity to enjoy a Japanese Kit-Kat! Today we are going to be trying out the こだわりのストロベリー(kodawari no strawberry) flavor from the オトナの甘さ(Otona no amasa) series. Let’s get the translation out of the way first, so you get a better idea of what this Kit-Kat is all about! […]