Asahi’s PROTIEN chocolate bar.

After reviewing Asahi’s Yogurt protein bar last week, I am really looking forward to this weeks review of their Chocolate protein bar. I’m not headed to the gym or anything. Just headed to my second job, and I didn’t eat enough today, so I need the protein..

This bar is repping pretty much the same benefits of the other bar. Same amount of protein, same vitamins, and aminos. The calories are a little different, but pretty close. And since I’m starving, let’s open this up!

Hmm, well it sort of looks like the other bar. The protein smell is much lighter on this bar. It smells more like a chocolate bar, than a protein bar. Much different than the yogurt bar. As I take my first bite, it feels different than the yogurt bar as well. While it hadn’t melted, it not quite as hard. No feeling like a bad ass biting into this one. And the taste is not very “protein-y” as well. It really just tastes like a chocolate, and rice crispy bar. But not as sweet as you might expect. A dull chocolate rice crispy bar. Dang.. Come to think of it, this would be way better with marshmellows! Did you hear that Asahi? Add some protein marshmellows to this, and you’ll have a real hit on your hands!


Marshmellows aside, this bar is somewhat mediocre. Not as happy as I was with the yogurt one. But glad I tried it. Until next time!

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