Banjo’s Wasabi Dressing

What a fun name for a company! ‘Banjo’. I’m not sure if there is any meaning behind the name, or if they are just named after the country sounding instrument. I had never heard of this company, but when I saw the salad dressing, I knew it was something I had to try! I love soy sauce, and oil blen salad dressings, and in my opinion they make some of the best dressings on the face of the earth! But adding wasabi to it?! Wha??

This is also a good time to say that I am also a huge fan of wasabi. Fresh Wasabi is best, but pretty much wasabi-anything gets a thumbs up from me.

This salad dressing is a mix of Soy sauce, vegetable oil, wasabi, vinegar, and sugar. For this review I used a simple house salad. Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, corn, carrot, and boiled egg. This salad would have been perfect with some sesame seeds on top, but I couldn’t find any in the kitchen. Here’s what it looked like.

And oh boy, oh boy.. This dressing is tasty! The kick of wasabi brings to life a new type of salad. A salad that has evolved into a new dish. What shall we call this? A “Wasalad”, or a “Salabi”??

The sweetness of the tomato’s, and the kick of wasabi create an interesting blend of flavor that is extremely pleasant. This works equally well with the sweet corn. The cucumber’s fresh crunch with wasabi is also a fun texture to experience. Again, this works equally well with the carrots. The boiled egg pairs well with this dressing as well. While I enjoy boiled eggs on their own, many people like to add salt. This dressing makes a salted boiled egg look like a salty ex, sitting alone in the corner of a bar, while their former partner is laughing, and having a great time with a new person, that is way better at life than they are. But the best pairing is with the lettuce itself. The slightly bitter red leaf lettuce takes well to its new dressing. Adding sweetness, sour, and the kick of wasabi!

If this dressing had a star ranking, it would get a 7 out of 5. This is a calling to any, and all salad dressing companies out there. The future is here, and it’s name is Wasabi. It has revolutionized the salad dressing industry, entering into the new generation kicking butts, and asking questions later. Everyone needs this in their kitchen. Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, back to school, it doesn’t matter! This is what you need to give for your next gift giving!

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