Asahi’s PROTEIN cereal yogurt bar

So yeah, I’m taking a break in a convenience store right now to bring you this review.. Need some protein as well, so let’s try out Asahi’s protein bar. I have 2, but only the stomach for one, so the chocolate will have to wait for another day, and today we will try the cereal, and yogurt kind. Looks like there may be some berries in it as well. Let’s take a look at what this guy has in him, shall we?

15g of protein. 5 types of vitamins. B1,2,6,12, and E. And 9 “aminos”.

And here it is!

It looks nice! As you open the bag, you can really smell the protein. Not too pleasant, but it is what it is. Biting into it, you really taste the protein as well. With overtones of the yogurt, and lastly the berry. It is extremely dense as well. Like biting into a stone! No really, you feel like you bit into a stone with some super sayan teeth, so it didn’t hurt, because you are just too strong. This is a man’s bar. You feel the protein, and the power of a 39 gram that is over 1/3 protein. You feel like a man. A strong man. A man’s man.

And as the milky aftertaste finds its way off your tounge, you realize that you are still a normal man, sitting in a combini, on his computer, writing a review for a candy bar. I think it’s time for me to wrap this up, and head to the gym.

Final verdict. Good protein bar. It is what it should be. Well done Asahi. 2 thumbs up.



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