Calbee’s Gizagiza(ギザギザ) Ume Nori chips

I saw a new limited pack of chips today! Calbee brand Ume (sour plum) and Nori (dried seaweed) flavor. I am not really a huge fan of Ume, but the flavor is growing on me. In these chips, the Ume flavor is definitely most predominant, with the nori adding subtle undertones. Together with the combination of salt, it really does create a melody of beautiful Japanese flavors harmonizing into a potatoe chip. I thought I would only eat a few, and pass the bag along to someone else. But each chip gets better than the one before..

I would really recommend these to someone who likes Japanese flavors. If I close my eyes, and take a bite, I feel as if I am transformed to a mountaintop matsuri in rural Japan. Quite a novelty indeed. For those who do not prefer Japanese flavors, while not at all the same, it seems this flavor would go over well with any fan of salt, and vinegar flavored chips.

So that is my take on the Calbee Ume, nori “GizaGiza” chips. Is this something you would like to try for yourself, or gift to a special someone? Let me know!!

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