Month: January 2019

Pokka-Sapporo’s Shari-Shari Zeitaku Nashi

Oh boy, this looks tasty! Pokka Sapporo’s Shari-Shari Zeitaku Nashi drink. Let’s dive into the entomology of the name first, and than crack this bad boy open, and review the drink! しゃりしゃり(Shari Shari) is like the sound you hear when 2 hard/thin objects are rubbing against each other. Or the sound you get when sharpening […]

Yamazaki Pan’s Minion Themed Chocolate-Banana, and Banana Jam sandwiches.

Today we are reviewing a popular sandwich companies Minion themed sandwiches! Minions is really popular here in Japan, and its only natural to see Minions themed everything. Wait, sorry, it’s Despicable Me isn’t it. Well anyways, this sandwich company has a ton of varieties of sandwiches, all with the crusts cut off, and nice looking. […]

Calbee’s Gizagiza(ギザギザ) Ume Nori chips

I saw a new limited pack of chips today! Calbee brand Ume (sour plum) and Nori (dried seaweed) flavor. I am not really a huge fan of Ume, but the flavor is growing on me. In these chips, the Ume flavor is definitely most predominant, with the nori adding subtle undertones. Together with the combination […]